Drupal Droppings - A Blog About What We Learn

Welcome to Drupal Droppings. This site was created as a place to share our knowledge about Drupal but also about anything else we experience in the IT world.  The name Drupal Droppings came from a random thought while working on a Drupal installation and thinking how we should be sharing some of the knowledge we have learned about Drupal.  While we have always contributed to Drupal.org with documentation, issues, etc., there was no place for us to write articles.  So checking our favorite domain name registration service we saw DrupalDroppings.com was no registered, so we snagged it up and built this site.

Additionally this is our testbed for Drupal 8!

The two authors on this site are Brady Owens (Drupal user: perignon) and Scott Weiss (Drupal user: deaconblues).  Brady and Scott have been friends since college.  They both attended the University of Alabama School of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering.  Together they now run a small IT company in their spare time, Fastglass LLC.