Google Chrome - Your Connection Is Not Private

Submitted by Perignon on Tue, 06/02/2015 - 18:51

For several months (since July 2014) I have expereience a lot of issues with Google Chrome with certain SSL protected websites on my Mac.  It wasn't a huge problem till two months ago when we moved our Git repositories from our in-house run Git server to Bitbucket.  The main website would not load on Chrome.  Instead  would get this anoying error screen that offered no "accept the risk" buttons to get around.

Google Chrome SSL Error with Digicert Intermediate
SSL Error with Google Chrome and

So for several months Chrome became useless on my Mac; however, it worked perfectly fine on my Fedora Linux desktop. I relenquished myself to switching to Firefox for my default browser on Mac. While I like and use Firefox (especially Firebug), it's just not as fast a quick as Chrome.

Attempting to fix this problem, I did all the typical stuff and even removed Chrome and reinstalled deleted any existance of Chrome related files on my Mac. Still the problem persisted till last night, someone on the Google Chrome product forums on a thread I was following posted a link about Digicert Intermediate Certificate that expired in July of 2014 (what a coincidence!). Following those simple instructions and deleting the offending expired Intermediate Cert - they are no longer required and have not been for three years - removed the problem.  For some reason Chrome still reads these Intermediate Certificates even though they are no longer required.  Firefox does not and hence why Firefox still operated on my Mac.