When Will Linux Distros Support Natural Scrolling

Submitted by deaconblues on Thu, 02/05/2015 - 14:38

Natural Scrolling. The term to describe scrolling that mimics phone and tablets. The idea was applied to desktops by Apple in their OS X version Lion where the mouse scroll was "inverted" from the normal percieved version of scrolling that most of us knew when holding a mouse in our hand. This scrolling was very obvious for touch screens so Apple made it the way to scroll on a desktop or laptop. The idea was origianlly meet with redicule and oposition, but in typical Apple fashion they introduced people to something they did not know they wanted. The scrolling patern started to make logical sense; I want to go down the page so I need to "push" the page up as if the monitor was a newspaper in front of me. Hate Apple if you must, but it made complete sense - I read a book and to go down I pust the book up away from me.

So after establishing Natural Scrolling definition. My question is when will Linux distributions start supporting this natively. A quick Google search for "linux natural scrolling" will yeild numerous results where people have to hack their distribution with xinput or xmodmap to make it work which get crushed on upgrades to the OS.